Max helps you earn more, even as rates change

Keep the benefits of your existing bank while earning higher yield with online banks

Earn up to 5.37%, FDIC-insured

  • Earn market-leading rates
  • Increase FDIC insurance coverage, up to $8 million per couple
  • Open new accounts in as little as 60 seconds with just a few clicks (no need for logins, passwords, trial deposits, or endless form-filling)
  • Year-end tax forms delivered to your inbox in a single PDF

How it works

  1. Fund Max’s integrated checking account to earn more on a set amount of cash OR link your existing checking account and tell Max how much to keep there each month

  2. Use the Max Common Application to open high-yield savings accounts
  3. Each month, Max helps you allocate your cash to the banks with the highest rates, so you always earn the highest yield


Max costs 4 basis points (0.04%) per quarter, or $40 per $100,000 held in your savings accounts, subject to a minimum of $20 every 3 months. No other costs or fees.