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Seamlessly link your existing checking, savings, and brokerage accounts to Max to earn preferred rates on your cash, no matter where you bank or invest.

Max. your best interest. Max. your best interest.

Benefits of Max Checking

  • 0.20% APY, FDIC insured1
  • Free: No minimums or fees1
  • Can be used as full-featured account with free ATM access worldwide2 and free wire transfers3
  • Earn rebates on Max membership fees
  • Opens in 60 seconds
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Max Checking is powered by Radius Bank, Boston, MA FDIC #32551

Seamlessly Integrates with Max for Access to High-Yield Savings Accounts

  • Preferred rates of up to 0.85% APY on savings
  • Automatically earn the highest yield each month, even as rates change
  • Increased FDIC insurance coverage, up to $8 million per couple
  • Links to checking, savings, and brokerage accounts at thousands of financial institutions nationwide

Link Your Existing

Checking or Brokerage Account

Use a New

Max Checking Account
Earn preferred rates on savings, up to 0.85% APY
Open new high-yielding savings accounts in as little as 60 seconds
Increase FDIC insurance coverage - up to $8 million per couple
Link one checking/brokerage account
Max will sweep funds to/from savings to help you maximize yield while maintaining a target checking account balance each month.
  • Ideal for topping up your checking account each month
Link multiple checking, savings, and brokerage accounts to Max Checking
Transfer in a specific amount of cash and Max will help move it to higher-yielding savings accounts to help you maximize yield.
  • Ideal for saving for a home purchase, establishing an emergency fund, reserving for quarterly tax payments, keeping cash on hand
Earn preferred rate on checking of 0.20% APY1
Free ATM access globally2
Free domestic and international wire transfers3
Earn rebates on Max membership fees
Keep $10,000 in Max Checking and earn rebates of up to $25 per quarter (up to $100 per year); keep at least $25,000 in Max Checking and earn rebates of up to $50 per quarter (up to $200 per year)
Full mobile banking capabilities (mobile check deposit, bill pay, peer-to-peer transfers)
(via separate banking app)
Supported banks Compatible with checking accounts at 20 of the largest banks and brokerage firms in the country Fund your account from your choice of thousands of financial institutions nationwide

Ready to Earn More?

Start with "Max Checking" as your checking account when enrolling for Max.

Get Started

Existing Max members: Click on the gear icon next to your existing checking / brokerage account, de-link that account, and follow the prompts to add Max Checking.


What is Max Checking?

Max Checking is a premium full-featured checking account that opens in as little as 60 seconds. With a yield of 0.20% APY1, free wire transfers3, and no monthly fee, Max Checking offers preferred rates and features typically reserved for private bank customers.

Why open a Max Checking account?

Max Checking enables you to link Max’s intelligent cash management solution to your choice of checking, savings, and brokerage accounts at thousands of financial institutions nationwide. Now you can earn dramatically more on all your cash no matter where you bank or invest.

Does it work with my existing banks?

Link any combination of bank and brokerage accounts and move funds to/from Max Checking with one click. Tell Max how much to keep in Max Checking and all funds in excess of your target balance will automatically be swept to your higher-yielding online savings accounts each month, so you can earn more.

How much does it cost?

Max Checking is available to Max members at no additional cost. There are no monthly fees and no minimum balance requirements associated with the Max Checking account. Max Checking also comes with an optional debit card that offers fee-free access to ATMs worldwide!2

Are there other benefits?

Keep at least $10,000 in Max Checking and you’ll receive reimbursement of your Max membership fees, up to $25 each quarter (up to $100 per year). Keep at least $25,000 in Max Checking and receive a rebate of up to $50 per quarter (up to $200 per year).

How does Max benefit?

Max Checking enables Max to serve more people by linking to more financial institutions. Max does not earn referral fees, commissions, spread, float, or interchange fees from our banking partner. Max Checking is offered solely for your convenience, free from conflicts of interest — precisely what you’d expect from Max.
  1. Annual Percentage Yield (APY) accurate as of 3/17/2020. Minimum amount to open a Max Checking account is $0.00. Rate of 0.20% applies to entire balance. Rates may change after account is opened. Fees may reduce earnings. FDIC-insured up to at least $250,000 per depositor.
  2. Get unlimited automatic ATM surcharge rebates for ATM fees other banks charge you. ATM surcharge rebates apply to cash withdrawals from a Max Checking account using the Max debit card wherever it is accepted. Radius Bank does not charge a fee for using another bank's ATM. ATM fees will be rebated at the end of each statement cycle. Excludes international exchange fees. Radius Bank makes its best effort to identify those ATM fees eligible for a rebate.
  3. Fees will be waived for all domestic and international inbound and outbound wire transfers to/from Max Checking.