Six Trees Capital LLC Spins-Off Strategic Investment Arm, Six Trees Ventures LLC

New firm holds investments in high-growth financial technology companies

New York, NY — April 20, 2021 — Six Trees Capital LLC (Six Trees Capital), the pioneering financial technology company that created the industry’s most innovative cash management solution, MaxMyInterest (Max), announced today that it has completed a spin-off of its strategic investment arm, Six Trees Ventures LLC (Six Trees Ventures).

Initially formed as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Six Trees Capital, Six Trees Ventures holds investments in several fast-growing fintech companies. The portfolio includes investments in Alloy, an innovative identity verification platform, Mantl, a modern account-opening platform, and Treasury Prime, the leading banking-as-a-service (BaaS) company.

“We’ve worked closely with Alloy, Mantl, and Treasury Prime as banks have integrated with MaxMyInterest, and formed a high degree of conviction around their core value proposition, technological capabilities, and market opportunities,” said Celene Menschel, Chief Operating Officer of Six Trees Ventures LLC. “Our vantage point gives us unique insight into the future of financial technology and financial services.”

Six Trees Capital holds three patents related to cash optimization, account opening, and multi-factor authentication, with additional patents pending. Its MaxMyInterest platform recently released a streamlined enrollment process that enables depositors to open a high-yield checking account and multiple high-yield savings accounts in as little as two minutes. This approach — which enables depositors to earn higher yield and obtain greater FDIC insurance coverage than than they could by opening a single online bank account — was made possible in part by collaborations with Six Trees Ventures’ portfolio companies.

“In developing the MaxMyInterest platform, we’ve seen first-hand the impact these portfolio companies have had on banks who are seeking to modernize and pursue digital-first customer acquisition strategies,” said Gary Zimmerman, Managing Partner of Six Trees Capital LLC and Founder of MaxMyInterest. “These companies help further our founding mission of bringing greater efficiency and transparency to financial markets.”

About Six Trees Capital LLC

Six Trees Capital LLC invests in, develops, builds, and operates technology that helps make our financial system better. Its flagship service, MaxMyInterest (“Max”), offers cash management solutions for financial advisors and their clients, self-directed investors, and institutions to earn dramatically higher yields on cash. Max helps clients ensure their deposits earn the highest yield possible while remaining FDIC-insured. Today, Max members can earn up to 0.60% APY on same-day liquid, FDIC-insured cash, compared to the national savings average of 0.07%. Max also helps banks attract new customers nationwide without spending money on advertising or referral fees. Learn more about Max’s solutions for banks at, financial advisors at and self-directed clients at For more information about Six Trees Capital, please visit

About Six Trees Ventures LLC

Six Trees Ventures LLC holds direct investments in financial technology and other financial services companies that embrace the rapid digitization of the banking and wealth management industry. Six Trees Ventures LLC is based in New York City.

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