Max Launches, Offering Innovative Cash Optimization Solution

New Automated Service Helps Investors Maximize Interest Earned on Cash

New York, NY, April 10, 2014 – Max, a new online service that helps investors automatically maximize the interest they earn on their bank deposits, launched today on an invitation-only basis at

The service uses patent-pending technology to allocate investors’ cash among their own FDIC-insured bank accounts to take advantage of the higher interest rates offered by online banks. Because these online banks have lower operating costs than traditional “brick-and-mortar” banks, they are able to offer depositors significantly higher interest rates.

“Many depositors are sitting on a lot of cash, and are frustrated by the persistent near-zero interest rates. With Max, we’ve developed a service that helps our members earn more on their cash, automatically,” says Gary E. Zimmerman, chief executive of Six Trees Capital LLC, the company behind Max.

Until now, it has been difficult and time-consuming to manage multiple online bank accounts. Max solves this problem, employing a proprietary algorithm to determine an optimal allocation of cash among these accounts, based on prevailing interest rates and FDIC insurance limits. The service then automatically instructs funds transfers between these accounts to help ensure investors continue to earn as much as possible on their cash, even as rates change. By doing so, Max members can currently expect to earn 0.60% to 0.80% more each year in interest than they otherwise would from typical “brick-and-mortar” bank accounts or money market funds, all within an FDIC-insured environment.

“We believe there’s a better way to do everything, and with Max, now there’s a better way to invest your cash in the bank, too,” Zimmerman added. “Members link their accounts to Max once. Max then looks out for the best interest rates from then on, helping them earn substantially more each and every year.”

Max members maintain their current primary banking relationships at any of the nation’s four largest “brick-and-mortar” banks, so direct deposit, bill pay, and access to tellers and notaries remain unchanged. Max helps sweep excess cash into member savings accounts at leading online banks to maximize interest income. Max then delivers cash back to member checking accounts as needed.

Max is not a bank and never takes custody of assets. Instead, Max is a smart technology overlay that sits atop investors’ existing bank accounts. Max can be used by individual investors, small business owners, family offices, or by registered investment advisers seeking to help their clients maximize their returns on cash.

Of the $9.4 trillion of U.S. retail bank deposits, only an estimated several hundred billion is currently held in online banks. Six Trees Capital LLC believes this market segment is poised for considerable growth, and Max can help investors avail themselves of the benefits of online banking without the hassle of having to manage their balances for changes in interest rates on an ongoing basis.

More information about Max, including an explanatory video, can be found at

About Max

Max is a new automated online solution that helps depositors earn more on their cash balances. Max’s technology platform uses proprietary algorithms to help ensure a member’s cash is dynamically allocated to the member’s online banks offering the best interest rates at any given point in time, all while staying within an FDIC-insured environment. Max is not a bank and does not provide investment advice. More information can be found at

About Six Trees Capital LLC

Six Trees Capital LLC develops technology that makes the financial system better. The founder and managing partner is Gary E. Zimmerman, a former mergers and acquisitions investment banker and advisor to sovereign wealth funds that manage more than $5 trillion of capital. The firm’s backers include its founder and sophisticated angel investors. Six Trees’ advisory board includes a Harvard Business School professor, the former head of data privacy and security at IBM, and the chief technology officer of one of the top computer security consulting firms. Six Trees Capital LLC is based in New York City.

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