MaxMyInterest to Demo its Innovative Cash Optimization Service at FinovateFall on 9/23

Gary Zimmerman, founder of MaxMyInterest, will present a live tour of the new service to help investors earn more on their cash in the bank while maintaining FDIC insurance coverage.

New York, NY, September 17, 2014 — MaxMyInterest, an intelligent cash management solution that helps investors automatically maximize the interest they earn on bank deposits, will present at the FinovateFall financial technology conference in New York City on September 23, 2014 at 3:15pm.

“We’re excited to demo MaxMyInterest on stage, in front of an audience of 1,300 of the leading minds in financial technology,” said Gary Zimmerman, chief executive of Six Trees Capital LLC, the company behind MaxMyInterest.

Zimmerman and Director of Engineering Richard Wu will conduct the first-ever public live tour of the site, showcasing the following innovative features:

  • Enhanced FDIC Coverage - Max makes it easy to ensure you’re covered by spreading your cash across accounts at the nation’s leading online banks, keeping your balances below the FDIC limits.
  • Interest Rate Optimization - Max helps your cash move automatically to the banks offering the highest interest rates, even as rates change.
  • Monthly Cash Sweeps - Max sweeps excess cash to/from your checking account each month, helping maintain a target balance that you designate.
  • Intelligent Funds Transfer℠ - Max helps you move cash between your checking and savings accounts easily while continuing to earn the best rates.
  • Dashboard - Max shows you where your cash is across all your linked accounts, in real-time.

About MaxMyInterest

Max launched in April on an invitation-only basis at Max members can currently expect to earn 0.60% to 0.80% more in interest on their cash than they otherwise would from typical “brick-and-mortar” bank accounts or money market funds — up to 0.95% — all within an FDIC-insured environment. Max is not a bank and does not provide investment advice.

More information, including an explanatory video, can be found at

About Six Trees Capital LLC

Six Trees Capital LLC develops technology that makes the financial system better. The founder and CEO is Gary E. Zimmerman, a former mergers and acquisitions investment banker and advisor to sovereign wealth funds. Backers include its founder and sophisticated angel investors. Six Trees’ advisory board includes a Harvard Business School professor, the former head of data privacy and security at IBM, and the chief technology officer of one of the top computer security firms. Six Trees is based in New York City.

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