MaxMyInterest Adds New Client-Onboarding Feature for Financial Advisors

Enables Advisors to Pre-register Their Clients for Max, Speeding Onboarding

New York, NY, May 24, 2016 — MaxMyInterest today launched significant enhancements to client onboarding, making it easier for financial advisors to offer Max’s intelligent cash management solution to their clients.

With the new client invitation feature, advisors can pre-register clients using data they already have on hand, saving clients effort during the new account opening process while creating a differentiated and streamlined onboarding experience for clients. By default, advisors who pre-register clients are automatically given read-only access to clients’ balance information. This allows advisors to incorporate clients’ held-away cash into financial-planning discussions, providing more holistic investment advice.

Over the past six months, Max has introduced several tools for financial advisors. These include the Max Advisor Dashboard, which allows financial advisors to see their clients’ held-away cash on one screen, enabling them to provide more comprehensive portfolio allocation advice. Max now also offers custom co-branding, which affords select advisory firms the opportunity to keep their brands front-and-center as clients experience the benefits of Max.

“In 2015, we eliminated the need for clients to enter their name and address multiple times to open multiple bank accounts. Now, clients don’t have to enter their name and address even once,” said Gary Zimmerman, Founder & CEO.

“Wealth management firms tell us clients are looking for better options for their cash. Max helps advisors offer dramatically higher yield with broader FDIC insurance,” said Michael Halloran, Head of Partnerships and Business Development. “Advisors see Max as a tool to find 90 basis points of ‘alpha,’ win the goodwill of clients, and grow their AUM.”

Financial advisors can access this new tool by visiting and registering for free access to the Max Advisor Dashboard. Inquiries related to this new service, as well as custom co-branding opportunities, can be directed to

About MaxMyInterest

Max is an intelligent cash management solution that helps individual investors earn more on FDIC-insured bank deposits. Max’s patent-pending cash sweep technology monitors interest rates and automatically reallocates funds among a client’s existing checking or brokerage account and higher yielding online savings accounts to maximize interest income and FDIC insurance coverage while maintaining a desired checking balance each month.

Max is currently compatible with checking accounts at some of the leading banks and brokerage houses in America – including Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, Citibank, Wells Fargo, Fidelity, Schwab, and US Bank – as well as savings accounts at leading FDIC-insured online banks such as Goldman Sachs Bank, Barclays, American Express Personal Savings, Ally Bank, and Capital One 360 (formerly ING Direct). Over time, Max plans to include support for additional banks and brokerage firms.

Max is available direct to individuals at and to financial advisors at The service can be integrated into wealth management platforms, so that banks, brokerage firms, registered investment advisors, and multi-family offices can deliver better cash solutions to their clients. In addition, Max is offered to the employees of selected professional-services firms.

Based in New York City, Max is a service of Six Trees Capital LLC.

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