Solutions for Commercial Accounts and Trusts

Max works with The American Deposit Management Co. (ADM), a leading provider of proprietary cash management solutions for Treasury Professionals in both the public and private sectors. ADM clients include top U.S. corporations, municipalities, universities, public funds, non-profits and legal industry experts.

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Businesses and non-profits can enjoy competitive rates and extended FDIC insurance on all balances over $250,000.

Safety and Liquidity

Access through ADM’s exclusive network of pre-screened financial institutions gives you up to $75 million of FDIC/NCUA deposit insurance. With twice per week withdrawals (or daily if necessary), American Money Market Accounts (AMMA™) give companies, foundations and non-profits the flexibility needed to manage their cash. All deposits are fully insured by the FDIC/NCUA, which allow for the full faith and credit of the U.S. Government. In-network financial institutions meet ADM’s premium standards of stability and rating.


Using AMMA™ relieves the burden of tracking collateral, negotiating repurchase agreements and managing multiple bank account relationships. Clients (and, upon request, their financial advisors) will receive one easy-to-read monthly eStatement that includes their deposit and withdrawal activity, interest earned, and a detailed listing of their deposits at each network financial institution.

In addition, AMMA offers:

  • No transaction fees
  • No term commitment on your deposits
  • No minimum balance requirement

Competitive Yield

AMMA™ offers a highly competitive rate of return when compared to: Certificates of Deposit, Commercial Paper, Money Market Mutual Funds and U.S. Agencies and Treasuries.

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