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How can Max help you?

  • Attract new clients
  • Strengthen existing relationships
  • Bring held-away cash into view
  • Provide more holistic advice

HNW Household Asset Allocation

High net worth individuals are currently holding 22.1% of their assets in cash and equivalents. Now you can help your clients earn better returns on this often-overlooked asset class.

Source: Capgemini World Wealth Report 2020 (North America)

Help Clients Earn More

With Max, your clients can now earn up to 5.41% yield on cash, FDIC-insured. That’s 4.90% to 5.10% more than most investors are earning today in traditional bank or brokerage accounts.

Learn More About the Benefits of Active Cash Management

The Max Top Rate is the highest interest rate currently being earned by Max members in their linked savings accounts. The National Average is the simple average of rates paid by U.S. banks on savings accounts, as calculated by the FDIC. Source: FDIC Weekly National Rates

Max Top Rate National Average

The Max Advisor Dashboard helps bring your clients’ cash into view

See account balances across all your clients’ linked checking and savings accounts no matter what reporting or planning software you use, plus:

  • Access our latest collateral, support materials, and rates
  • Kick off the enrollment process for your clients
  • Learn how Max integrates with reporting platforms, planning software, and CRM tools

Max in the Press

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Max also offers enterprise solutions for large wealth management firms. Contact us for more information.

How does Max work?

Max is not a bank, asset manager, or investment advisor. Max is a service that proposes optimal allocations of cash among your clients’ own bank accounts and then sends client funds transfer instructions to their banks on their behalf. Max operates independently of the banks and comes at no cost to advisors. Clients pay a nominal fee of 0.04% per quarter on optimized cash. Clients of financial advisors are not subject to any minimum fee.

How can I learn more and see a demo?

Email or schedule a call with our Business Development team
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Max is…


Max monitors interest rates daily. Once a month, it proposes an optimal allocation of funds among a member’s own bank accounts to help maximize interest income, even as rates change.


Max helps depositors keep their cash within the FDIC insurance limits. Based on the current number of online banks supported on the Max platform, a member can obtain an aggregate of up to $2 million of incremental FDIC insurance coverage per individual and $8 million per couple.


Max is not a bank and never takes custody of funds. Max simply sends the member’s funds transfer instructions, on their behalf, to the member’s own banks. The banks then handle all funds transfers. Max employs bank-level security systems and procedures, and has been analyzed and tested by the same leading software security firm that is utilized by many of the world’s largest banks. Learn more about Privacy and Security.


Max operates independently and is free of conflicts because it is not affiliated with any financial institution. Its website contains no advertising, and member information is kept in strict confidence.


Will my clients’ funds stay in their own FDIC-insured bank accounts?

Yes! Max is not a bank or broker, is not affiliated with any bank or broker, and never takes custody of your clients’ funds, so all funds remain held directly by your clients in their own bank accounts. Max helps clients earn more by proposing to your clients how to spread their cash across multiple higher-yielding online savings accounts, boosting yield and FDIC insurance coverage. The Max Common Application makes it easy for your clients to open new high-yield savings accounts in minutes by filling out a single online form. Your clients retain full access to and control of their funds, with same-day liquidity outside of Max if needed.

Which accounts can be linked to Max?

Clients can set up Max by using a Max Checking account (which clients can open in as little as 60 seconds and link to their existing checking, savings, and brokerage accounts at thousands of financial institutions nationwide) or they may link Max directly to their existing checking account at 18 of the largest banks and brokerage firms in the country, including Fidelity and Charles Schwab Bank. Max then helps clients sweep excess cash (over a target balance) to high-yield savings accounts at leading FDIC-insured online banks by proposing to clients monthly optimization allocations and sending client’s funds transfer instructions on behalf of the client to the client’s banks to implement the client-approved allocations.

Are business and trust accounts supported?

Several of the online banks support revocable trusts, either by titling the account in the name of the trust or naming the trust as a Payable On Death (POD) beneficiary. Refer to our guide to Support for Trust Accounts for additional detail. To help you better support business owners, non-profits, and clients with complex trusts, we work with The American Deposit Management Co., which offers competitive rates and extended FDIC insurance on all balances over $250,000. Learn more on the Max Advisor Dashboard or at Rates are subject to change.

How do I get started?

Register on to gain free access to the Max Advisor Dashboard, where you’ll find helpful collateral to share with your clients. You or your client service team can click “Invite Clients” to kick-start the enrollment process for your clients. This will save your clients time and link their Max accounts to your Max Advisor Dashboard. You’ll gain read-only visibility into held-away cash, enabling you to provide more holistic advice while helping your clients earn more.

What happens after a client joins Max?

Clients specify how much cash they wish to keep in checking. Max then works quietly in the background, keeping an eye out for the best rates in their higher-yielding savings accounts, proposing monthly reallocations of cash among your clients’ own accounts as rates change. Your clients can view their balances at any time, track the status of each of their transfer instructions, and access cash directly outside of Max from their checking, brokerage, or savings accounts. Advisors can also gain visibility into client account balances via the Max Advisor Dashboard and reporting integrations.

How secure is Max? How does Max protect privacy?

Max never takes custody of funds. All funds remain in clients’ own accounts and all funds transfers are handled by your clients’ own banks. Max does not sell customer data or cross-sell any other products. Read about the extensive measures we’ve taken to protect your clients’ privacy and the security of their accounts.

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